Whether you’re an employer keen to adopt best practice or a candidate looking to further your career, our resources contain a wealth of information

Whether you’re an employer or a candidate, it’s vital that you approach recruitment and job applications with due care and attention. This Resources page is designed to give you help and advice in the key areas. We hope you find it useful and welcome your feedback, especially if you feel there’s an area we’ve overlooked and should be covering. Simply contact us with your ideas.


When recruiting, you are your brand
When they have a position to fill, employers can often overlook the need to showcase their organisation as a great place to work and to create the right impression for candidates. Read how to ensure that your recruitment process ticks all the boxes here.

How to attract and retain the best staff
Building your business relies on recruiting and retaining the best staff, but it’s not always easy. However, by paying attention to a few key aspects of the recruitment process you’ll find that your applicants will be energised and excited by the prospect or joining your team. Read how to recruit – and keep – the very best talent here.

Why talent optimisation is key in the hybrid workplace
Now, more than ever, your people are your greatest asset, so it’s vital to understand their needs and optimise their talent. Read our suggestions here.


How to create the perfect CV
The fundamentals to creating the perfect CV are to keep it brief, to avoid basic errors in spelling and punctuation, and to include something out of the ordinary that will differentiate you. Learn more and download our free CV template here.

How to ace your interview – Zoom or no Zoom
Whether it’s face-to-face or online, an interview can be a bit daunting, but follow our fundamentals and you’ll certainly make a great impression. Above all, it’s important to do your research, to have some pre-prepared answers and to dress appropriately. Take a look at the full story here.